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Solar Engineering

You know McPherson Engineering as your friendly, structural engineering team, specializing in simply engineered solutions, BUT, did you know that we are solar engineering specialists?!

Meet Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Services at McPE.

The McPherson Engineering team has decades of experience in solar engineering. Since McPE’s start, our solar structural engineering packages have been vital to helping our clients and homeowners get the plans and approval needed to move their projects forward.

Take a look at our services below to learn more about the many ways we can help YOU!

Solar Engineering Packages

Our Solar Engineering provides calculation reports, electrical engineering, structural observations, inspection letters, foundation verifications and much more.
Plans - nationwide
Permitting - Southern California

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels


Our seasoned team brings extensive expertise in designing and assessing the structural integrity of solar projects. From rooftop arrays to ground-mounted installations, we collaborate closely with your team to ensure the utmost reliability and compliance with all pertinent codes and standards.


With a track record of hundreds upon thousands of successful structural engineering packages, our team is well seasoned and dedicated to providing you with a partnership and product that lives long after your stamp of approval.  Whether you're embarking on a residential, or commercial solar projects we are committed to delivering robust solutions that endure the test of time. Our comprehensive services encompass site analysis, load calculations, bus certs for MSP's and foundation design to ensure your solar investment's enduring stability. Low-Cost, Same Day Turn Around! Not only are you saving money now, but minimizing costs in the future!

Together, we will harness the power of the sun.

Residential Rooftop  Engineering Packages  

Solar Carports/Patio Covers 

Electrical Engineering 


Load Calcs

Commercial Solar


As-Built Engineering For Unpermitted Structures

Structural Evaluations

Ground Mount Racking

Bus CERTS for MSP's

Contact Us Now and Save Later. 

Not only do we offer low-cost plan sets but with nearly two decades of experience, we guarantee our expertise will help minimize the cost of construction, saving you money now and long-term. 

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